Monday, March 10, 2008

TBAI Chalenge Piece - Jack Skellington

I know it is a little early to think about August (or Halloween) when there is still all that snow outside but, I thought I would preview my TBAI Challenge piece on my blog. The challenge was to create a cartoon character. It took me a long time to decide just what I wanted to do but then, it came to me. Jack Skellington was perfect. He is just the type of character I love to do... spooky & weird!

So here he is... My interpretation of Jack Skellington. Jack is 23 inches tall (standing on his custom wood stand). He is a mixed media piece composed of sparse short black and white mohairs accented with black woolfelt with stationary joints. He is standing on the Pumpkin King's head which is made of orange mohair. The faces of both Jack and the Pumpkin King are needlepunched using 3-ply embroidery floss. His hands are wet needlefelted natural wool roving over wire. Jack's head is removable and will sit comfortably in his hand. He has black woolfelt shoes and a black woolfelt bat pendent. Removing his head will reveal a wet needfeflted brain stem.


Yvette said...

This is a fantastic piece!!!
I really love it!!
You did an awesome job on Jack!!!!

Laura Lynn said...

WOW Amy!!!! You have outdone yourself!! You picked the perfect subject for yourself, that's for sure ;) I am sure he'll get snapped up quickly at the show! Hugs, Laura

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