Sunday, November 30, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

The turkey on the left is a 16 lb turkey the turkey on the right is a 36.5 lb turkey. GOBBLE!

I am a little late posting this for a reason. We always celebrate Thanksgiving 2 days late. We started having Thanksgiving on Saturday years ago because my step-son has always had to try to make multiple places, and we have some hunters in the family, so it just seemed logical to wait. It actually turns out wonderfully for us because we have a full 2 more days to prepare.

Thanksgiving is my husband, Scott's favorite holiday. He is a "foodie" and quite the chef. He loves to think up or find new recipes to try. This year was no different. We had cranberry & apple compote, 2 kinds of dressing, peas & celery root, yams & rutabaga, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, his own recipe for pumpkin pie topped with tiramisu, and of course turkey. We have a wonderful friend who "grows" turkeys so we get our turkey fresh. This year we got a 36.5 lb turkey and Scott decided he wanted to do a second turkey (16 lb) on the grill. We always invite family and a bunch of friends so we always have a great time.

Scott & his turkey.

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