Saturday, September 19, 2009

Clarion 2010

I am signed up for the show in 2010 in Clarion. This is a very special show because it only takes place every 5 years. One of the things that they request at Clarion is that you send in a piece for auction based on a theme. The theme for 2010 is Holiday. I picked Halloween (go figure) for my Holiday and designed a new kitty. Her name is Boo Boo Kitty. She is 10 inches tall & is mounted on a heart shaped base. She is made from short, sparse, black mohair and hand dyed orange with black fleck long mohair. She has orange woolfelt accents & paw pads She has emerald green glass cats eyes and a sweet stitched face with just a little bit of a Cheshire grin. Her long corkscrew tail peeks out from a black polka dot netting skirt and she is sporting a vintage gold tinsel boa. She has a bat shaped balloon companion who is made out of black sparse mohair and vintage orange synthetic fabric with woolfelt ears & accents. This little guy has wired bat wings for posing. They both have white horsehair whiskers.

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