Sunday, November 8, 2009

Willie Nillie

This is Willie Nillie a nine inch tall bear. He is made from scruffy multi-tan toned mohair and hand-dyed orange woolfelt. He has black glass eyes that are backed with orange woolfelt. He has tan woolfelt pawpads. His nose is needlfelted out of hand-dyed orange roving. He is wearing a colorful purle vest that is accented with orange blanket stitch. His matching hat has an orange elastic chinstrap to help him keep it on. All of his clothes are removable, but he told me he feels rather silly without them. He has the smallest jinglebutt I have ever done!
I finished him just before going to the Chicagoland Show and on my way there he told me that I had his name all wrong. For some reason I thought his name was Merlin, but he set me straight, his name is Willie Nillie. He is $165.00.

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