Sunday, August 8, 2010

TBAI 2010

Thought I would post a picture of my challenge piece for TBAI. The theme is Children's Classic Novels.  I picked Treasure Island as my subject.  I features an 11 inch Long John Silver. He is made out of tan, blue, brown & black  mohair. Has a red silk scarf and sash, and is leaning on a wooden crutch. He is wearing a black felt hat and has a multi-color needle felted parrot on his shoulder.  He is accompanied by a 6 inch Jim Hawkins who is mad out of tan, red & black mohair.  Jim is carrying a needle felted Skull & Cross Bones flag. They are overlooking a treasure chest that opens to reveal a treasure of gold coins. Everything is standing on a base that is scattered with sand, shells and even a needle felted skull.

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