Sunday, February 26, 2012

Organized Chaos

 It has been almost springlike in Wisconsin and I got in an cleaning/organizing mood.  I am always fascinated when I am lucky enough to see other people's workshops, so I decided to post some pictures of what mine looks like at it's best.

This is my office. I work from home, so I spend the majority of my day in this room.

This is my sewing area. I just added the parts boxes in the back. They contain my teddy bear  joints, eyes, and just general stuff.
This is my computer nook. This is my personal/photograph computer. Also where I keep my patterns, books & paperwork.

This is how I store my patterns. I hook them all together on a metal shower hook. The all are labeled with a finished result, date designed and how many of each pattern I have done.  Notice the great racks at the top? I got them at a rummage sale. They are racks for holding wine glasses.  The other rack is an old accordion hat rack.
This is my cd & book nook.

Thread and mohair samples....
The side of an old crib holds my "pending" mohair projects.
My hubby had a shelf built around 3 sides of my little room to store my collections and ready to adopt projects.

Hope you enjoyed taking a look. I'm sure it won't stay this clean for long!


Scratching at the Window said...

Wow, you probably enjoy great light. I admire the imaginative use of the closet space, but where do you store your fabrics?

Mutz said...

In tubs in my bedroom closet. I have a whole basement room of props and other fun "stuff". No pictures of that though... that is DISORDERLY CHAOS!!!!!!!

La Llorona Studio said...

To Kool! I like the use of the wine rack and the crib side. Genius!

Vintage by Crystal said...

So many interesting things to look at!! And I love the way you organize your clever! I love a peek into the studio of a creative being just as much as the next gal...thanks for sharing!! :)

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