Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Watch For Falling Knives

I had a little accident just before the 4th of July. I was getting ready for work, and as usual, I was putting away some dishes that I left to dry on a dish towel on my kitchen counter. I put away the glasses & forgot that I had a paring knife left on the dish towel. I shook out the towel & the knife landed point down in my foot! I was hoping that it would not be a problem, but I couldn't put any preasure on my foot so, off to Urgent Care for stitches. I called my boss & explained that I wouldn't be in.

Well I got to work the next day on my crutches, only to find that my cubicle was hung with plastic knives (some with red ink blood), and a sign warning "Watch for Falling Knives"!

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