Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fuzzy Slipper Night - Schaumburg

As promised, 2nd blog on Schaumburg. We had a blast at Teddy Talk's Fuzzy Slipper Night. We had a little party open to anyone with a love for teddies and fuzzy slippers. It was such a good time and started out with a fun little ice breaker game which was a scavenger hunt. We were given questions to ask questions of each other to find out what was unique about the other person. An example being: find someone in the room who has run a marathon... or find someone who lives west of the Mississippi. The only one that fit me was: find somone who has been snorkling! There were prizes fot the game and door prizes and a prize for the best Fuzzy Slipper Night outfit. Brenda Snedon was the winner of the best outfit.


Daphne said...

That was such a fun party! Thanks for capturing it on 'memory stick' so we can relive it! (And thanks for not posting THAT picture! Ha!)

Tami Eveslage said...

It was fun Amy! Thanks for posting the pictures!
I am Tagging you as part of a blog game! Please visit my website for the rules!
Hugs, Tami

jarehares said...

What a great party! Too bad I forgot my slippers!!!!

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