Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is one of our favorite holidays at the Thornton residence. We have so many things to be thankful for. We invite all our family and our friends for our Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. My husband, Scott, (who is a real foodie) is always in his glory in his kitchen! This year we are going to have a 24# turkey & a 16# turkey and all the trimmings. We will have about 30 people for dinner.

About a year ago my sister, Betsy, wrote a letter to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel explaining that Scott loves to create new recipes and try them out at Thanksgiving. A little over two months ago we got a call from a reporter asking to do an article on Scott & our Thanksgiving. It turned out great! To see the article & get Scott's recipes Click on this link:

Have a Happy Thanksgiving everyone! By the way I highly recommend the Pumpkin Tiramisu and the Cilantro Salad Dressing!

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